I'm excited to in attendance at HighEdWeb 2023 in Buffalo among so many other professionals solving similar challenges, and even more excited to have the opportunity to share my experiences in one of the sessions!


PowerPoint Slides for Drupal and Microsoft Azure Together in Harmony


Check back later, I'll be making detailed posts about all of the topics covered in the slides.

Azure Front Door is a great product, but one limitation that exists is the inability to handle apex domains that are not handled through Azure DNS.  This leaves two options: 

For many, like myself, Windows is the preferred environment for development. Software like Drupal, however, is much more easily managed in a Linux environment. Fortunately, we can have it both ways.
There has been a lot of discussion the last few years about remote work. Is it good? Is it bad? How do you manage people and develop camaraderie with people that you never see? At our organization, we have developed a different approach than what is typically seen, and it really works for us.